Story of Realm

On September 2010, when Realm Boutique opened its doors, I had one goal in mind, to offer customers a unique shopping experience where fashion and luxury assimilated. I’d spent years traveling the world in search of the most cutting edge couture and Realm has been an amalgamation of the best fashion I have found. For nearly two years armed with the exclusive right to sell some of Europe’s most sought after brands,  and prime real estate on Greene Street (one of Soho’s remaining cobbled blocks)  I was able to share intimate moments with customers who I now call family.

Day in and day out I was lucky enough to bond with amazing women, who like me love fashion, respect it as an art and appreciate the simplicity of it’s internal beauty. As I watched women finger through the curated collections, glance at themselves in the mirrors, and spin around in excitement after trying on an amazing piece, I began to notice a pattern. They all seemed to naturally gravitate toward my dear friend Jean Claude Jitrois.

I would start my conversation about the brands we represented- and I could always count on being interrupted with anxious voices chiming in “Wow! What about that over there?” “ This is so soft, the color is so rich- how does it fit?” And within minutes there she was- emerging from the fitting suites unable to keep her hands off herself. Either in total disbelief of how soft a stretch leather dress could be, or how sexy she not only looked, but felt. It never failed, Jitrois was able to evoke an emotion in women without even meeting them

His ability to manipulate stretch leather to create a second layer of skin is unparalleled.  His detailed craftsmanship allowed woman to feel as if his pieces were designed specifically to fit their frame. Though the introduction between Jitrois and client only involved breathable moveable leather and suede the bond that was formed in those fitting suites were incomparable.

As time has passed- the demand for Jitrois stateside became a roaring voice I could no longer ignore. In March of 2012- Realm Boutique- transitioned to the first Pop Up Store for Jitrois in the states and in September of 2012, I am pleased to announce that I will be opening the first flagship store in America for Jitrois, which will still call home 98 Greene Street. NY, NY 10012

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